New beginnings

runward was created more than a decade ago out of a desire to use the internet to help plan and share our wedding. Later on, it became how we shared our experiences in Europe with family back in the States.  Since then, the website has languished with little-to-no attention.

Today, we take the first concrete step to bring runward to life.

The most obvious step is migrating to wordpress. WordPress makes it easy to add content without having to modify the code to the webpages themselves. But that was never the hard part, so on the surface wordpress makes no difference.

The big changes will be in who creates the content on runward.

The kids are hard-core citizens of the internet, and they are not content to merely consume – they also want to create and share. It will take us a few months to figure out the balance of kid expression and parent protectionism, but by the end of the summer I expect Kadin to be posting regularly.

And, with some young whipper-snappers to demonstrate what is possible, maybe the adults will figure out how to share more of our thoughts online, too.


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