First Day of the Big Trip

One day my family and I went on a long trip. First we went to Palo Duro canyon. Then we went to Capulin Volcano. Then we went through the moutains. We went through three states! So far the trip has been tons of fun!

First I will tell you about Palo Duro canyon. The canyon was amazing. It was huge! I did junior naturalist. The layers looked amazing! One time I saw a collared lizard. I also saw a very cool ant nest. We saw it in Texas.

Then we went to Capulin Volcano. My favorite part was the crater. The crater was filled with cool rocks. I also saw fat butterflies playing tag. I got a junior ranger badge there. There was a fuzzy butterfly that let me touch it. It was in new mexico.

Then we went through the mountains. There were amazing views. The peaks were my favorite part. They were all covered by snow. Before the mountains there were plains. The mountains were in Colorado.

My family and I have had a great trip so far and the next writing is coming soon! It will be about the great sand dunes.

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