The Day at The Great Sand Dunes

On the third day of the trip we went to the Great Sand Dunes. First my gram and I climbed one of the biggest sand dune. It was lots of fun! Then we went to the stream. The stream was my favorite part. I found another kid.

First I will tell you about the Great Sand Dunes. My gram and I started up the sand dunes. On the way I tried sand boarding. It hard to slide with the cardboard. Then we climbed higher. We met up with a middle school. They were very nice. On the way up I lost my hat. When we got to the top, we took pictures. Then we slide down the dune. I got dizzy.

Now I will tell you about the stream. It was lots of fun. The water felt nice and cold. I found another dude. He was really cool. There were cool waves. There was also black sand.

We had a great time at the Great Sand Dunes.

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